200 Micron Tray Top for Trim Tray

200 Micron Tray Top for Trim

Product #: 9673

Weight: 0.8


These micron trays feature the top tray design and will fit into the Trim Tray Base Tray. The 100 micron white tray will fit under the 150 micron orange tray and 200 micron black tray will fit on top of the 150 micron orange tray. Choose from the finest screen at 100 micron a standard screen at 150 micron or the widest screen at 200 micron. Stainless steel screen. 7.125 sq in more cutting surface than competitors. Made for sifting pollen off manicured flowers. Lightweight compact design. Strong and sturdy cleanable ABS plastic.

Price: $30.13

Price: $30.13